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An innovative high-performance filter, easy and safe to handle because it is made of 100% polyester fibre. Ideal for replacing the fibreglass Paint Arrestor in all spray booths due to its high collection and filtration power. ZeroGlass 2000: Mono-layer for absorbing and collecting excess paint. Contains 95% regenerated polyester fibre for use in spray booths. ZeroGlass 4000: Bistrato paint arrestor with special fibre distribution plus a filter layer that eliminates the use of downstream filters. Contains 90% regenerated polyester fibre. Can be used for floor or wall spray booths. ZeroGlass can be produced in different filtration classes ranging from G2 to M6, from ISO Coarse 35% to ISO and PM10 65%. In addition, the ZeroGlass can also be produced in weldable form (W). 

Technical features
Grammage (g/mq) from 300 to 560
Thickness (mm) from 30 to 50
Application Spray booth - PAINT ARRESTOR
Features 100 % polyester. Excellent ability to capture excess paint, long certified service life and excellent self-support. Available with Iso Coarse (G2) to ISO ePM 10 (M6) filtration class
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