Air Filtration Spray Booths

Spray Booths

Filter media for air filtration or for collecting sprayed paint in spray booths and bodyshop ovens

The guarantee of a painting process also depends on the control and filtration system. The media made by ORV, such as -ZEROGLASS- ceiling filters and paint arrestors, have the dual function of smoothing air flows and breaking down any paint residues and solid particulate matter, from the coarsest to the finest. In addition, the development of a polyester-based paint arrestor as an alternative to glass fibre is a unique accomplishment, the result of our company expertise. The different types of ceiling filters possess high filtration efficiency while maintaining a low resistance, thereby allowing the system to save energy. Savings are also evident in long-term costs due to the high performance of our materials in terms of both efficiency and durability. The range presents different types of filter media for spray booths in order to meet customer requirements and guarantee long-term efficiency in different applications.