Thermoacustics Construction


Insulation materials for walls, floors, and ceilings with high thermal and mechanical performance

The design of a living or working environment must pay attention both to the thermal insulation aspect, thereby ensuring a decrease in energy consumption, and to increasing acoustic performance.

Effective room partitioning through partition wall systems, the use of nonwoven fabrics in cavities or in floors and ceilings improve comfort given that we are often exposed to background noise. ORV panels made of polyester are appreciated for their self-supporting properties and their lightness. They are ideal for filling gaps in vertical walls, eliminating thermal bridges, creating a false ceiling, and insulating a house.

Our panels are breathable, odourless and resistant to moisture and rot: there is no possibility of mould forming when using our products. It is an easily manipulated and cuttable material as well as 100% recyclable, classified as non-hazardous waste. If not polluted by other materials, it can therefore be totally recovered for recycling or reuse.