The Objectives

Peruzzo Productions is  leader in Italy and abroad in the production of non-woven fabric, synthetic wadding, felt and thermoacoustic material.
We work to serve different application areas, from automotive to filtration, from clothing and furnishings to coating, from thermoacoustics to geotextiles, balancing production needs and charting new development prospects.

Our motto has been the same for over 70 years: we create value with passion and innovation. 


We believe that true success is to create, through our research and dedication, sustainable and unique solutions with high added value for the market,  anticipating the needs of tomorrow. We do this because we know how to listen to  our customers and translate their ideas into action with customised, scalable and efficient responses.

PeopleProduct  and Planet  are the focal points of our work.


Rich in experience, we deeply believe in our Team  and therefore, we value each individual who comes into contact with our business. People are important to us, inside the company and outside.

We have always wanted to establish esteemed, as well as professional, relationships with our customers, developing a structured network of operators in the sector  who recognise themselves in the same values of ethical growth as we do.


The success of Peruzzo Productions is the result of research and the constant desire to improve by developing materials that are increasingly adapted to the needs of the markets.

Practical, solid and innovative, our products are the result of a thorough study of the raw materials and their application possibilities.


We know the impact of the transformations that our work entails; for us, the Planet's resources are an asset to be preserved: we recover some plastics and fibres that have reached the end of their life cycle and regenerate them, in order to have a positive impact on the environment.

We are everywhere that thermal-acoustic insulation or thermal padding is needed.

You find our products in what you touch every day: they are in the wadding of the cushions of your sofa or the bed where you sleep, you find them in the laminated fabric of the bag you carry under your arm, they are in the thermal insulation of the duvet you wear. We make your car quieter with our sound absorbers, add comfort to your train journeys with our thermal-acoustic insulation material, or protect large construction projects with our geotextile.

We are present in a number of countries and take care of our customers' well-being with a wide range of products resulting from skilful research and constant development of our technology.

We are at the service of everyone, with full respect for the environment around us.