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The right wadding for every need to make the most of every season or experience.

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The right wadding for every need to make the most of every season or experience

White Bear

The White Bear line includes products that have made Valtherm a leader in insulation for clothing.

The garments made with Valtherm wadding offer warmth and softness and are ideal for those looking for comfort and freedom of movement.

Valtherm Eco Line

The Valtherm Eco Line represents the alternative to goose down with recycled PET fibres: the highest quality at the service of the environment.

Valtherm HT

Valtherm HT, a high-tech wadding, consists of ultra-fine fibres. This feature results in high-performance garments in terms of breathability and thermal insulation, making them light and soft to the touch.

Black Heat

The BLACK HEAT line is perfect for the production of exclusive and elegant jackets, characterised by high quality standards. 

The wadding in this line is made from very fine black fibres, making them soft and lightweight, ideal for trend-conscious people.

Zero Down

Zero Down is the best alternative to feathers, to ensure warmth, softness and practicality, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Valtherm Active Powered by 37,5

A new thermal wadding for clothing with patented thermoregulation technology that interacts with the body and captures moisture.