It was in 1949  when the eyes of two brothers, Maurizio and Albino Peruzzo, met to look together towards a new horizon to be reached: creating valuable products by giving new life to textile waste from industries engaged in making uniforms for the front. A goal that was not easy to conquer, a project born of an ambition and an intuition that found, in the post-war desire for redemption and rebirth, fertile ground in which to take root and blossom.

This desire to change tomorrow, and change it for the better, inspires them to never silence their instinct for innovation. Over the years, the company has devised and refined processing techniques and products that, to this day, are among the most appreciated and innovative in the sector, always remaining faithful to the vision of recovering what was already there, giving rise to what today we can say is undoubtedly one of the first examples of the circular economy.

After Albino's death, Maurizio took over the reins of the company on his own, finding in his homeland all the courage and strength he needed to continue turning the dream he shared with his brother into a reality. It was from the Veneto region that he learnt his deep dedication to his work  and his desire to always look a little further ahead, without ever being satisfied.  

This enabled him to expand his business beyond national borders.

He knows, however, that such a far-reaching vision constantly requires commitment, passion  and, above all, the strength to fight for a different future.  That is why he decided to share his mission with those who, better than anyone else, can understand his desire to change the world: his children Cristina and Massimiliano, who consolidate the founders' work with dedication and self-sacrifice, achieving great results.

And it is thanks to ambition, passion and the will to design a tomorrow worth living that Peruzzo Productions stands out for its ability to recover, regenerate and obtain new fibre from what are mere scraps: because even today, what has not changed is their ability to see beyond and recognise a resource where everyone else sees only waste.

Today, the Peruzzo Productions group is the European leader in the production of waddings, felts and non-wovens, and not only in terms of size but also ecological responsibility.

With a turnover of 90 million and around 600 employees, production continues to be environmentally and people-friendly, and research continues for solutions that minimise the use of health-damaging chemicals. 


Last year alone, they turned 900 million plastic bottles into 11,200 tonnes of polyester fibre, saving our planet a total of 27 million kg of CO2.


From Veneto, that first glimpse that brought the two brothers together, has reached all over the world, turning the dream into a reality in 9 production sites in Poland, Romania, Italy and Brazil.


Peruzzo Productions is the story of Albino, Maurizio, Cristina, Massimiliano and all those who, like them, have always believed in innovation and in the possibility of building and living a better future, through excellent products that are good for the world we live in.