Thermoacustics Acoustic furnishings

Acoustic furnishings

Thermoformable brushes and ceilings for acoustic correction

Nowadays, when theatres, convention halls, stations, airports, hotels, offices, or gyms are designed, noise reduction is considered to be of fundamental importance to ensure proper user comfort. Effective room partitioning by means of partition wall systems, sound insulation by means of ceiling panel systems and the installation of wall panels are essential to achieve proper sound absorption and insulation. ORV panels have high strength and self-supporting properties to prevent sagging or collapsing, and at the same time, are flexible and malleable so that they can be easily moulded into different shapes even by thermoforming processes.

The range features different densities and thicknesses, available in white, black and grey, and can be covered with different fabrics and technologies: they can be laminated, printed and surface-treated in many different ways, leaving ample room for the design of the final product. Our acoustic panels achieve excellent absorption values both on their own and in combination with other nonwoven fabrics or other materials. ORV panels are made of 100% polyester, VOC-free, and are fully recyclable.