Who we are

Do we know who we are?

We know where we come from.

We come from a careful, sometimes stern look.

We come from an idea, a gamble, a gamble and a smile.

We come from a handshake and a glance.

We come from afar.

We have a stubborn character, and we have learnt to say yes when it is hard to say it and to say no when it is even harder.

Yes, we know who we are. And we know where we are going.

What We Do

Not just fabric.

For more than seventy years, Peruzzo Productions has been creating value.

It creates it in markets, it creates it in people.

Continuous research  and the use of the most innovative technologies  are coupled with a real and concrete environmental sustainability programme, which can always be verified by suppliers and customers. We are formaldehyde free, we revive plastics by giving them a second life, we use cellulose from renewable forests, we optimise logistics to create less CO2 emissions.

We are against green-washing: we are certain of our commitment, what our work is worth, what is asked of the planet every day, and we do our best to weigh as little as possible on the earth we occupy. Our certifications are not medals to be displayed, they are tools to work with, they are proof of our will to change things for the better.

We are an Italian group, present abroad.

We do this ethically, convinced and aware that consumption must be optimised and the markets of our host countries must be fed with local resources: we produce for them, before we produce for ourselves.

What we believe in

We pay attention to our employees. The company is a place for growth, discussion and awareness of important issues. We give value to those who create value.

Alongside the work experience, we create awareness and attention: we support campaigns to help deafblind and psychosensory impaired children come out of darkness and silence, with the recognition of Company Beyond Limits.

Where are we going

We are on the way, we will be forever.

Research, method, relationship.

These are the three pillars that accompany us, together with the unwavering gaze of our founder, which we feel is still alert, and together with the lively tension that makes the air always vibrate with enthusiasm and determination. Air we inhale deeply.