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ORV thermal and acoustic insulation materials have been on the market for many years; this has allowed us to create specific products for each type of application. If you need to work in situations where voices are reverberating, noise generated by motors or machines, or where you need to maintain a correct working temperature, our panels offer excellent thermo-acoustic absorption. Developed as an alternative to classic foams, EPS products or rock and glass wool, our polyester-based panels contain no chemicals or substances hazardous to humans or the environment (no volatile organic compounds -VOCs). Using 100% polyester fibres, the products are fully recyclable.  

Our products are also flame retardant and are tested according to EN 13501-1.


Insulation materials for walls, floors, ceilings with high thermal and mechanical performance.


Materials to be applied as insulation and soundproofing in industrial services (chiller cabins, generators, compressors, air conditioners, boilers).

Acoustic furnishings

Thermoformable brushes and ceilings for acoustic correction.


Insulation and insulation of railway carriages, first company to introduce polyester instead of glass fibre.