Commercial manager

From the engine compartment to the underbody, from the boot to the car interior, and even applications for high-tech materials; our nonwoven fabric is indispensable for countless components in the automotive sector. Our products invisibly support successful design for the automotive world. 
In a market that is evolving, with the demand for ever lighter but high-performance items, we use our expertise to assist customers in finding new solutions, developing innovative, high quality and low environmental impact materials. 

Power train

Lightness and excellent physical-mechanical characteristics ensure longevity and excellent performance for every engine. 


Innovative materials provide protection and thermal-acoustic insulation for each component.


Lightweight sound absorbers, a wide range of protective and barrier nonwovens, 100 % recyclable, everywhere in the car interior for improved comfort.


Nonwovens with physical-mechanical properties and chemical treatments to meet our customers' most particular requirements. Materials for lightness and thermal and acoustic comfort.


Nonwovens designed on request to meet specific requirements of various car specifications.