The Group

Since the day of its foundation, the Peruzzo Productions group has evolved rapidly, expanding far beyond national borders.   

Today we are proud to be able to cite no less than 9 locations in Italy, Poland, Romania and Brazil, all engaged in the production of products widely used in sectors such as clothing, furniture, coating, filtration, thermoacoustics and automotive.

They are all leaders in their own markets and are at the heart of innovation. Constant study, continuous performance improvement, and sustainability form our know-how and are the decisive drive in the business, commercial and human choices we make every day.  

Each location invests in design and research, generating jobs and boosting their own development and that of the economies of the countries where they are located. They are emblematic of our way of doing business and are proof of how the thinking and intuition of Albino and Maurizio Peruzzo are still a forward-looking horizon to strive for.


Ovattificio Resinatura Valpadana specialises in the manufacture of sound-insulating and heat-insulating textiles for household appliances and the automotive industry. The site has a pioneering approach to eco-sustainability: it uses fibres derived from the recycling of materials considered to be of no use, in particular leftovers from textile industries and used clothing, combined with powdered resins or thermoplastic fibres.

Natural fibre raw materials such as linen, hemp or jute, synthetic waste fibres and granular polyurethane foam are also used. Thanks to recovery, the products produced are among the cheapest high quality insulation available on the market and contribute significantly to reducing the impact on the environment by recycling what would otherwise have to be disposed of.


The Bellizzi (SA) site was established in 1971 and, through carding and needle punching technologies, produces wadding and felt.
With over fifty years of experience behind it and through the use of certified and guaranteed raw materials, as well as a waste-free approach that has always set it apart, Valpadana Sud Srl produces products used in a wide range of applications.

The site develops thermally bonded wadding for use as sound-absorbing and sound-insulating padding material, offering customised solutions in key technical areas. A source of pride is undoubtedly the ability to establish partnerships with large and small textile companies both nationally and internationally, supporting activities based on waste-free technologies that do not degrade the natural environment.


I.M.P. Romania is a national leader in the marketing of sound-absorbing wadding. Established in 1995; it produces synthetic fibre wadding by combining the Group's know-how and technology with the commitment of Romanian personnel - trained in Italy.   

Wadding production remains prevalent and, thanks to the quality of the work here, items from I.M.P. Romania are used in various sectors such as the furniture and clothing industry, construction or as soundproofing in the automotive industry.
The company boasts the use of waste-free and environmentally friendly technologies. The products are certified annually according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for Class 1 textiles and a large part of the range also complies with the British Standard for fire resistance BS 5852 - 1982 - British Standard.


The evolution of the I.M.P. Group in Poland coincided with the introduction of free market reforms and the acquisition of the Polovat Company in 1989. Peruzzo Productions' strategic growth culminates with the launch of the new I.M.P. Comfort plant, specialising in the production of polyester fibre and geotextiles.
I.M.P. Comfort is a leader in the nonwoven sector in Poland and parts of Europe and is the right partner for anyone who wants to achieve excellence and surpass it. 
Here, too, the waste-free philosophy takes centre stage, with a profound focus on the processed raw material.

Over the years, the Group's best technologies have been implemented here for the production of PET fibre from recycled, non-woven, wadding and felt. The materials produced in this plant are used in the clothing, furniture and filtration and soundproofing sectors.
With the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, the company guarantees high and effective product safety in terms of the absence of hazardous substances. Polyester fibres and most articles are also certified according to the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) for recycled content.


Established in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in 2006 for the production of sound-absorbing and heat-insulating felts used in cars by major manufacturers.

The company exclusively serves the local market, initially it was FCA, but over time it has entered into supplying Toyota, Renault and Ford. In this Group company, too, great attention is paid to the raw materials used (which come from the recovery and recycling of textile materials).