Our history, made up of achieved goals and surpassed objectives, is characterised by our continuous ability to innovate: our research constantly aims at making more and more high-performance materials in order to guarantee a highly competitive response to the needs of the markets we serve.

In order to keep up with the market, we offer solutions that improve people's lives in a real and concrete way. Our priority is the optimisation of the technical characteristics of products and their environmental sustainability, supporting their correct industrial application.

In consultation with the Purchasing Department, we select raw materials, letting ourselves be guided by developments in the various fields of application, searching for new and diversified fields of use. The wellbeing of people and the Planet remains the leitmotif that underpins every choice we make.

Whether it is finding the solution to an immediate problem or the answer to a new need, we explore, test and realise tailor-made, quality and eco-friendly products.
The R&D team works steadily on two parallel tracks, which are equally important to us: innovation and performance improvement on the one hand, and environmental impact reduction on the other. This guarantees a material that, although recycled, offers high quality standards, a fundamental condition that has enabled us to become partners with the biggest brands in the various fields of application.